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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Birmingham

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Birmingham

At Ashton Kitchen Design, we specialise in providing a full service in supporting restaurants and takeaways in all areas of business. This includes supplying the best range of affordable commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham has to offer. We also offer a high quality kitchen design and installation service. You can find out more on our sales page.
There is one type of commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham restaurants of all types need. This is a commercial refrigerator. This is a fundamental for your kitchen. It not only keeps foods like meat and dairy products at the legally required temperature for health and safety purposes, but it keeps your ingredients fresh for longer so that your food tastes better and you have less food wastage. At Ashton Kitchen design, refrigerators are just one example of the types of commercial kitchen equipment we can help Birmingham restaurant owners select.
You probably also need a commercial grill. These are often gas powered, to give a flame grilled flavour to the food, though other options are available. These are designed to be larger than a domestic grill so that you can cook many portions of food at once safely. At Ashton Kitchen Design, we can help you buy and install this type of commercial kitchen equipment in your restaurant.
Another common type of commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham businesses need are deep fat fryers. These are especially important in fast food restaurants, but all restaurants use them. They are a way of quickly frying foods to create a rich, crispy flavour. We can help you find the best model for your kitchen.
With your commercial kitchen equipment, do not forget about drinks machines and ice machines. Unless you are planning to only serve drinks from cans and bottles, drinks machines are important. They are a cheaper way of buying your drinks, which can come in syrup form, which can raise the profit margin on your drinks sales.
These are just some examples of the types of commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham companies can buy from our store. Because we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can offer the widest range of options for your commercial kitchen equipment. What if you do not know exactly what equipment you need? Why not contact us? We are the experts in commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham businesses can trust, and we can identify what brands and models of commercial kitchen equipment would be most appropriate for your kitchen.
We know that if you are investing in lots of commercial kitchen equipment at once, it can be an expensive alternative. That is why we offer our customers finance options. This can include paying in instalments or leasing commercial kitchen equipment. This is one way of having the best choice of commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham businesses need without the large upfront cost.
For help designing and installing your perfect new kitchen or bar, or assistance selecting the best choice of the commercial kitchen equipment Birmingham restaurants need, get in touch today. We would love to hear from you.