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  • Full 3D Floor Plans design available

  • Let Astons bring your catering design scheme to life with 3d visualisations

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  • Full floor plans design. Service plans available for contractors

  • 2d Only floor plans available

Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurant Kitchens

The kitchen is the most critical part of every restaurant. If things don’t go to plan here, then the entire service falls apart. It doesn’t matter how talented your chefs are, they need a suitable place to do their work. As such, restaurant kitchens have to be perfectly designed to suit the needs of the chefs and the establishment.

Here at ASTONS, we’re the restaurant kitchen experts. We offer a variety of services that will help design and install the most amazing kitchen for your restaurant business. When we’ve finished, your chefs will have everything they need to cook up a storm and leave your customers coming back for more!
Restaurant Kitchens Design
Our talented team of designers is here to help you create the ideal restaurant kitchen. We handle all the different steps in the lead up to the installation. If you’re about to open a brand new restaurant and don’t have a kitchen at all, then we will design everything from scratch for you. Tell us what you’re hoping for, and we’ll make your ideas come to life with our exceptional 2D/3D CAD floor plans.

We can also handle designs for restaurant kitchens that are being refurbished. If you have an existing kitchen that needs upgrading, then work with us to sort out the plans. We know that space is everything in a busy restaurant kitchen with chefs moving everywhere, plates getting ready to be served, and dozens of things cooking at once. So, we help design a kitchen that maximises space and helps you run a more efficient business.
Restaurant Kitchen Installation
When we’ve finished designing your restaurant kitchen, we can install it for you as well. This saves you the bother of needing to find another company to deal with the installation. Our installation team are very experienced and have worked with numerous restaurants to help put together stunning kitchens.

We don’t just install all the fittings, equipment, and fixtures - we supply them too. You can get all of your refrigeration devices, cooking equipment, and preparation items from us. We have no affiliation with any manufacturers, so we offer a plentiful supply of big-name brands. Also, we can manufacture made-to-order tables or kitchen cabinets to add a personal touch to your restaurant kitchen.
Why Choose Us?
We’ve been designing and installing restaurant kitchens for so many years. Our team knows what it takes to create and fit the best kitchens around. Plus, everything we do is decided by you. Your input fuels us, so please don’t hold back on any details. We design the kitchen with your restaurant in mind, and we install it quickly so you can start using it as soon as possible!
Contact Us For Restaurant Kitchen Services
If you own a restaurant and need help with the kitchen, then contact us today. Our restaurant kitchen services are built to benefit your business. We know the value of an excellent kitchen, so we try our best to provide you with a service that exceeds expectations. Give us a call, and we’ll help you in any way that we can.